Amazing Fantasy Omnibus Vol. 1

Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (v. 1)

For the record the Amazing Fantasy series was about to be cancelled at around the time of Amazing Fantasy 15 which introduced Spider-Man. That was a successful introduction that launched Spidey into his own series (a title that is going strong even to this day). In effect, Amazing Fantasy was also instrumental in launching Marvel as a major Silver Age superhero imprint - one of the strongest brands across several media and commercial properties today. But Amazing Fantasy did get cancelled.

So why this omnibus?

Let me get the lame answer out of the way. That being that this omnibus does include Amazing Fantasy 15 - so you're getting the extremely classic first Spidey appearance.

The real answer is that the Lee-Ditko issues, the other issues of Amazing Fantasy, are quite good, despite not being popular at the time. They hearken to a period when Marvel mostly did business by turning out fantastic stories about space, aliens and monsters. And these are the stories you'll find here. They're marvelously campy and they'll transport you to another era in comics plus these stories have twists to them that would most likely remind you this .

In any case, you might want to give these a go, especially if you're getting one dose too many of superhero comics.

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