Marvel NOW! Omnibus

Marvel Now! Omnibus

The Marvel Now! Omnibus collects stories from what is effectively a Marvel relaunch.

Critics will counter that this is nothing more than a reaction to this I don't take any sides in comics, I simply like good comics and don't like bad ones - from any publisher. Whether this is or is not a reaction to something else is neither here nore there for me. The pertinent question is: Are these stories good?

Yes, they are. Very, very good.

These stories are twenty-first century Marvel stories, born from exposure to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These comics are, in a word: cinematic. Large panoramas, movie-like angles abound. The modern-day lover of movies should be right at home. Apart from their look the stories themselves are part of what could be deemed Marvel's own version of the classical "Great Conversation". In a way, the writer's of today are writing in response to writers of the previous eras of comics. The latest answers are unique, creative and, most of all, entertaining.

Admittedly, admiration for these tales are by no means universal. Do not be swayed by such sentiments. It is just because each era of comics have a certain "style" to them. The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s Marvels are quite startingly differently written from one another. Some people are used to a particular decade and consider all other decades "bad". I counsel you to adjust your taste based on the the time frame of the comics your reading - there are some amazing comics from every era.

And with that, throw away all pre-made prejudices and jump into Marvel NOW! - I just know you're going to enjoy it.

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