Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades

Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades

Well, well, what do we have here? An entire omnibus from Marvel devoted to women. It so happens that I'm fresh off reading some iconic issues from the early sixties - early Avengers, early X-Men, early FF. Noting how the Wasp, Sue Storm and Marvel Girl were handled in those tales had me reading with both eyebrows raised. If a woman wasn't a damsel in distress (Invisible Girl, Wasp), she was stuck doing so-called "womanly" chores. Don't get me wrong, I credit Stan Lee with being the prime mover of Marvel's creation, and "The Man" is a permanent part of my personal comics pantheon, but those early Marvel's definitely stereoptyped women to the point that I got a little squeamish when I read them. At the excuse of seeming to be an apologist I would note that it was probably the social climate of the time (although I wasn't around during the 60s). It reminds me of this hero being the secretary of the Justice Society in those 40's comics evidently because she's a woman (wince).

Anyway, times have changed for women in Marvel and this omnibus is a showcase in two ways. First, in terms of variety. You'll read about Venus, Black Widow, Namora, Lorna, MJ, Phoenix, Elektra, She-Hulk, Silver Sable, Arana, Kitty Pryde, Rogue and the Invisible Woman. Next in terms of chronology. This omnibus is a time capsule showcasing changes in art and writing style through decades of both Marvel and Timely comics.

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