What Is A Marvel Omnibus?

A Marvel Omnibus is God's gift to die-hard comics lovers. But that explanation is neither here nor there. The dictionary definition of "omnibus" is "a collection of previously published works". Looking at comics, this could also cover graphic novels and trade paperbacks, so it's not quite adequate for our purposes.

A Marvel Omnibus is a hardcover collection of previously published Marvel comics that is so extensive that total page count numbers hundreds of pages (even thousands of pages, really). A Marvel omnibus is worthy of being called a tome. Wonderfully, wonderfully, thick - the promise of countless hours of comicbook reading.

Omnibuses or omnibi have been so popular that some fans collect them exclusively. Just look at the picture on top of this article. A bunch of omnibuses on the shelf looks fantastic!

If you're the type who thinks single issues go way too fast. If you're dissatisfied with how easily damaged trade paperbacks are. If you simply have to have the entire run. A Marvel Omnibus is for you.

Not all comics have made it to Omnibus form of course (I'm still looking for this in Omnibus form, for example), but enough has been produced to make a solid, if not comprehensive collection. The high quality pages and hardcover construction make these comics book-tough. I think the best part is just the plain thickness of it, by any definition, this is a LOT of comics. And since we can never have enough of comics, a Marvel Omnibus is a dream come true.

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