Marvel Zomnibus

Marvel Zomnibus (Marvel Zombies)

Have you ever gone through a phase? A time when you identified being a particular kind of person or you became obsessed with something that, for a time, it was central to your life? Well Marvel too went through a phase - a zombie phase, and this 1,200 page monster of a collection is a testament to the eye-opening union between the Marvel Universe and this notion .

If you're considering buying this for a child please reconsider. The zombie part is pretty no-holds-barred. The tales are gory and pull no punches in terms of being part of zombie lore. If you're considering buying this for yourself or a fellow adult please DO NOT reconsider. The zombie part is, as mentioned, pretty no-holds-barred just the way you like it. The fact that it's your familiar Marvel heroes that are the zombies only adds relish to your serving of maggot pie. The zombie heroes don't lose their personality, underneath it all the zombie Spider-Man has Spidey's personality, the zombie Wolverine is recognizably Logan and so on and so forth.

Another reason to get the Zomnibus is that Marvel's zombie phase was just that- a phase. The whole zombie tale is dispersed across several limited series; it's going to be a chore putting it together. This collection does away with any trouble, you'll have the whole Marvel zombie story on hand to enjoy, no missing issues whatsoever.

And may you have a truly thrilling time of it too.

I want it!

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