Ultimate Marvel Omnibus Vol. 1

Ultimate Marvel Omnibus Volume 1

And there came a time when Marvel wanted to do some really amazing stories about it's core characters. The big problem was, they couldn't. They couldn't very well re-write the histories of such iconic characters and teams like Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers, continuity would go down the pipes and old readers would be outraged.

What to do? Well, what they did do is create a new universe. Universe 1610, known as the Ultimates universe, was a universe that existed in parallel to the this universe . This way, Marvel could re-tell the stories of their most popular characters without breaking the continuity in all those Silver Age and Bronze Age comics.

The Ultimate Marvel Omnibus is as near a comprehensive guide to Universe 1610 as you can possibly get in one book. This omnibus presents two distinct pleasures, depending if your a new Marvel reader or an old guard Marvelite.

For the long-time Marvel loyalist it is an opportunity to compare the Marvel he or she knows (Universe 616) to the new Marvel universe in these pages (Universe 1610). Major plotlines will diverge from familiar paths but small details will also be different. All together it promises to be a delightful journey for "readers in the know".

New comic book readers will find themselves in the front seat as stories of iconic characters are told from the beginning. No prior knowledge required - no need to read a bunch of previous story arcs just to understand the current one. In this sense, this is the perfect collection for someone who's never read comics before.

Whether your a 'comics veteran' or an interested newcomer these tales have the additional advantage of being written with a contemporary viewpoint. Contemporary meaning twenty-first century viewpoint. The idiosyncrasies of the 60s, 70s and 80s (although interesting in themselves) are nowhere to be found - these are millenial tales that Millenials will have no trouble "wrapping their heads around".

Welcome to the Ultimates universe, let the adventures begin.

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