Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 1

Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 1

When Star Wars (episode IV: A New Hope) came out in the late 70s, Marvel was the first to adapt these amazing new tales to comicbook form. Marvel began by recreating the movies, of course, but once that was done Marvel's Star Wars comics was free to begin "adding to the lore", so to speak.

Not to worry, even during these early times, no one could write a word about Star Wars without the blessing of you-know-who . Every tale in addition to the ones told in the films are part of Star Wars canon. More than that, these tales were written when the world of the Jedi and the Sith was new, granted that the Republic had already been overthrown, but it is unavoidable that Episode IV was the beginning of Star Wars (although not the chronological beginning).

Collectors of Star Wars would definitely want to add this omnibus to their collection. It is only much later that Marvel lost the license which Dark Horse took up. Any collection aiming for completion would have both the Dark Horse and Marvel versions of the tales. The attraction can only increase when you consider that both Marvel and Star Wars have been purchased by Disney with the Star Wars license naturally going back to Marvel from Episode VII (The Force Awakens) going forward.

Looking at Star Wars exclusively as a comicbook event, the comics (both Marvel and Dark Horse) - unlike the films - have almost continuously created stories. The entire Star Wars timeline has been outlined and stories told for what is now known to be a history many thousands of years long.

Begin at the beginning, as they say, and in the comics, 'a long time ago and far, far away' started within the pages of Marvel.

I want it!

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