Gotham Central 11

My Favorite Among the GCPD? Stacy

Among the cops at Gotham Central is a temp called Stacy whose a data encoder/receptionist and my favorite character. This is her issue.

Brian Hurtt takes over the drawing chores and Lee Loughridge does the colors. The pair give Gotham red skies, which is something to see. Particularly during the first page when the skies can be seen in the bay windows of Gotham Central.

red skyscape through window

Then the absolute last panel of this issue is a landscape of Gotham with the train in the center, this time the city is red. Gritty, moody landscape. Very nice.

bird's eye view cityscape

Well after the drama and action of the first three story arcs this acts as a welcome break. It fleshes out some of the other characters, particularly Sarge, and gives an update to some side stories from the previous run. But Stacy is the one that shines here against the backdrop of 'the second most corrupt institution in the U.S'. I didn't know Gotham Central was that dirty.

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 2010

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