Gotham Central 32

Incredible Anti-Corruption Issue!

Gotham Central 32

Cover Date : August 2005 | Writers : Greg Rucka | Artist: Steve Lieber
Letterer : Clem Robins | Colorist : Lee Loughridge
Associate Editor : Nachie Castro | Editor : Matt Idelson

gotham central no. 32 cover

Beautiful and subtle twist at the beginning of this issue, the third one-issue story of the series to date, I thought it was the girl doing the narration but it was a cop - crooked cop justifying corruption.

So the crooked beat cops refer to the Major Crimes Unit as a bunch of minorities and homos. Previous issue the MCU got referred to as the 'brains'. The smartest unit - minorities and homos. That's a backhanded compliment I think.

I was the one who said 'friendship over duty' was a good thing; this sounds suspiciously like the 'loyalty' crap being pawned by the crooked cops in this issue. I think it's time to review my belief system.

Everybody who is corrupt is afraid; just check out the narrative in page 1 to 3 and again in page 10 and 11. And the fear comes from thinking that you live in a society where you can 'fall off the edge'. So you take care of yourself any way you can.

It's amazing, but Corrigan, whom we encountered in the 'Corrigan' story arc is right up there with the Batman villains. The upsetting thing is the Corrigan's of this world really do exist but I've yet to bump into the Penguin.

I love Poison Ivy. I love Poison Ivy. I love Poison Ivy.

This just became number one over 'Daydreams and Believers' as the best one issue story of the series.

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 2010

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23-24 : Corrigan

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28-31 : Keystone Kops

32 : Nature

33-36 : Dead Robin

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