Gotham Central 23-24

Before Crispus Allen Became The Spectre, He Did This

Did you know Crispus Allen is currently the Spectre? I always liked him and issue 23 page 11 panel 1 makes me like him even more.

crispus allen shoots the black spider

In every big organization there's always a part of it who's task is to monitor all the other's. In Gotham Central it's Internal Affairs or IA. It's not the first time they show, they had some bit parts in 'Half A Life' story arc, but they're in early in issue 22 and we get to see the process, and we get to see behind the process, why it's necessary.

Not a single cape on this one. It reads like an episode of Law & Order.

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 2010

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