Gotham Central 19-22

A Cold Case Gets Red Hot

Big surprise in this story arc is that no less than two characters from the past have changed race. Yes, two white guys became black. Compare lieutenants Probson and Cornwell from issue 19 to the previous issues - Cornwell in issue 18 and Probson from issue 14.

Here's Probson from issue 14:

Here is Probson in issue 19:

Here's Cornwell when he was introduced in issue 16:

white cornwell

Here's Cornwell in issue 19 :

black cornwell

So I'm looking at how Michael Lark renders people and they are so individual -just like in real life. I'm thinking of John Byrne, one of my favorite pencillers, John had difficulty with faces, they tended to all look slightly similar, but he did superhero comics, his style would never have worked in something like Gotham Central.

I've read my share of Batman but I'm no loyalists. From reading those books I only remember two names from the GCPD: Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Bullock is not in Gotham Central but he was alluded to in a previous arc as having had to turn over his badge. He's front and center here from issue 19. More of the bat mythos.

Did I just say bat mythos? In issue 19 page 19 last panel my knowledge of Batman lore fails me. It shows a baseball cap with a patch in it and something written on the patch. It's obvious to the two detectives who see it and I have a feeling its obvious to most Batman fans but I'm clueless.

patch inside baseball cap

Even more embarrassing, the last panel of issue 19 shows the villain and I don't know who it is.

jervis tetch

In issue 20 it says why Harvey Bullock is not a detective anymore. The guy's gold, he deserves that he's a legend. And you know why? Because he considered friendship a higher bond than duty.

Harvey Bullock's face. Issue 20 page 7 last panel. Michael Lark nails it again. I'm ready to give this guy his own comicbook - Harvey not Michael. Michael already has his own comicbook.

harvey bullock

So I'm looking at the goings-on at the MCU and I realize that I like reading Gotham Central because these cops like what they do. It's the same reason why I like the movie 'The Paper', it was about a bunch of journalists who are also having a great time doing regular jobs. In a world were there are people who have to force themselves out of bed in the morning, this is a great thing to read about.

Arkham was already scary with Batman in the Batman books. Here it's like the detectives are going into a haunted house. Issue 20 page 11 last panel.

arkham asylum

This is awesome! Josie MacDonald issue 22 page 19 panel 4. Check it out.

I have to say that of all the villains I love the way the Mad Hatter was rendered in this issue both by the writer and the artist. The details, the looks the gestures, the background information, everything was just perfectly placed.

Excellent story arc, almost as good as 'Soft Targets'.

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 2010 

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