Gotham Central 25

The Bat Signal Goes Down

The Avengers fight all over the world. The Green Lanterns take on the whole universe. It's possible to get tired of the sheer scope of it. Come home to Gotham Central where the biggest fight happens in offices. In this issue watch the Commissioner take on the Mayor.

Page 19 first panel - the cowl and cape of the Bat in full effect, and no, it's not the classic swinging from a rooftop scene.

cowled batman

This one issue arc is much more focused than the last one issue story which was 'Daydreams and Believers'. It's also much heavier since it's about a landmark decision by the GCPD.

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 2010

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1-2 : In The Line Of Duty

3-5 : Motive

6-10 : Half A Life

11 : Daydreams and Believers

12 : Soft Targets

16-18 : Life Is Full Of Disappointments

19-22 : Unresolved

23-24 : Corrigan

25 : Lights Out

26-27 : On The Freak Beat

28-31 : Keystone Kops

32 : Nature

33-36 : Dead Robin

37 : Sunday Bloody Sunday

38 : Corrigan II

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