Gotham Central 37

This Infinite Crisis Tie-In Is The Weakest Of The Series But We Get To Look Up In The Sky And See The Spectre

Gotham Central 37

Cover Date : January 2006 | Writer : Greg Rucka | Artist: Steve Lieber
Letterer : Clem Robins | Colorist : Lee Loughridge
Associate Editor : Nachie Castro | Editor : Matt Idelson

gotham central no. 37 cover

Yet another one-issue tale, the fourth in this series.

During the start of the story, Allen is narrating, he says something about not going to Church and having an argument about it with his wife. It's one of those things that happened to me almost exactly like he said it. The commonality of human experience is a wonderful thing.

I don't understand why Montoya's beating up Corrigan kills any case against him.

Very well done shot of the Spectre, bottom of page nine. Artist is Steve Lieber.

the spectre in the sky

This issue is a shock because it's a tie-in to a DC wide event - Infinite Crisis. So coming from the previous issue it's like suddenly walking into a World War II bombing.

Yet another Batman villain listing on page 6 panel 3. I only know the Riddler. Note to self: read more Batman books. Wait a minute this is Infinite Crisis, those are not necessarily Batman villains.

A 'circuit's are busy message . . .' another familiar element from real life.

circuits are busy phone message

Hah, at last,  a .38 revolver doing some damage on page 18. And here I thought Gotham Central was a strict 9mm automatic party.

bad guys getting shot with a .38

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 2010

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