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Deeper Into The GCPD

'Life is Full of Disappointments' begins with a funeral. When you actually feel sad about the demise of a fictional character it's a sure sign that the creative team is doing a fine job. So it is with Gotham Central.

In the last issue of the arc, no. 18, the Huntress makes an appearance. That's right the Huntress. I just took a glance at JSA Classified which portrayed the current Huntress and the Earth 2 Huntress. The portrayals were larger than life. Sexy. Dangerous. Super-heroic. With that you just have to see how the Huntress is portrayed here: It's like a regular girl went out and bought a Huntress costume for Halloween. That's how she's portrayed. Another great case for Gotham Central being a wonderful respite from the regular superhero fare.

huntress standing in house

One last thing worth mentioning is Detective Tommy Burke. In this three-issue run he is drawn by artist Greg Scott. And he stands out somehow. The face more expressive. He almost jumps out of the page at you, more than any other character in the arc he seems so realistic.

close up of detective burke

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 2010

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