Amazing Spider-Man 546

Peter Parker's New Deal

Recently, I was reading Jim Shooter's blog and he was talking about the craft of telling a comicbook tale. In particular, he was pointing out common approaches between two legends he had the good fortune to work with: Marvel's Stan Lee, the nearest thing we've got to a comicbook god, and Mort Weisinger, DCs fabled editor. One of those lessons was about the establishment shot - this is usually the full-page splash right after the cover. Shooter said, that in order to be effective, that huge one-page panel must make clear to the reader the fundamentals of the story: location, characters and the start of the plot.

Issue 546 of Amazing Spider-Man, being the first of the 'Brand New Day' issues, is an establishment issue. It introduces us to the new realities of what is essentially a reboot of Spider-Man. 

Peter is single once more and living with his Aunt May. This came about because of the power of Mephisto (shown in previous issues). I'm fine with this new arrangement but wouldn't a good old fashioned divorce have been simpler?

Next, we find out Peter is jobless and we get to do the rounds with him as he interviews for work. This is actually pretty fun since I can relate to this. I particularly like the part were Peter interviews for different jobs, trying to fit his skills to the work required - that is how it is in the real world.

When I first heard about Mr. Negative, I thought: 'God, what a cornball name'. I see him here for the first time and the guy looks good. The character concept is outstanding; and McNiven, Vines and Hollowell renders him beautifully. I'm expecting a lot from this new villain.

What I don't care about are the new girls in Peter's life - I don't even remember their names. It's going to be very hard to replace MJ.

So far it's a good issue but Slott nails the ending with a great cliffhanger: You can't beat J. Jonah Jameson on the floor with a heart attack courtesy of Peter Parker.

Oh yeah, I'm loving reading about Peter's money problems - who hasn't had one of those?

And finally, look at he cover. ASM now 3 times a month. How's that for our Spider-Man fix?

Good solid first issue for 'Brand New Day' which will last a truly amazing 101 issues up to Amazing Spider-Man 647! Wow.

Posted by  Pete Albano - June 21, 2011

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