Amazing Spider-Man 555-557

An Unforgettable New York Blizzard Adventure!

We have an out-of-season blizzard so intense that it shuts down the City of New York. But it doesn't stop Spider-Man, he swings around teeth chattering, thank God he has that enhanced spider physiology, at least I hope it helps. I can't overemphasize the wintry weather, because the creative team uses it to wrap the three issues together under an atmospheric blanket that seeps into the story, giving the mystic blizzard the aspect of being an invisible actor in the tale. Yes, mystic, the blizzard is being caused by no less than a Mayan god summoned to Earth.

We've got cameos from Dr. Strange and Wolverine, but, most of all, we've got a delightful little moment when Peter is freezing in the snow and spots his stolen jacket being worn by a vagrant. Miffed, Peter asks for it back. The guy takes it off and all he's got under it are longjohns. You can almost hear Peter berate himself as he hastily backtracks and says it wasn't his jacket after all. All the more reason to love the Spider.

The pace is beautiful throughout the three issues and the buildup is nice enough to have me worried about the ending. I keep praying that Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo nail the dismount, and they do, giving the tale a satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended.

Posted by  Pete Albano - March 31, 2011

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