Amazing Spider-Man 562 & 563

Excellent McKone Art

Mike McKone's art is the centerpiece of this issue. This is the kind of comic that I'll be taking out of the box just to look at again. The cover and each panel showcases McKone's perfect proportions and delicate linework while Cox and Fabella's colors just jump out and emanates - well, it emanates joy. This is happy art and it's making me happy just looking at it.

The story isn't terrible, but it is underwhelming. We begin, for example, with a fight in the 'Bar With No Name', the super-villain hangout, which, considering the sheer firepower present, should have done larger scale damage than it did. I mean, just Hydroman and Spidey alone should have taken out a city-block, but the whole fight was treated just like a regular bar fight between normal people. Then the story moves to New Jersey where the 'feel' of the tale becomes more subdued in spite of the amusement park scenes. One thing though, the dialogue is spot on.

And another thing, we have the return of those classic Spider-Man foes, the Enforcers - what a treat. Not a bad  lot actually, Ox, in particular, is very likeable.

Again, not a terrible plot, just okay. Add the McKone art, and this is is definitely worth picking up.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 12, 2011

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