Amazing Spider-Man 659

Pirates of the Caribbean Meets The Fantastic Four (I Mean The FF)!

Great writing and beautiful art make up an exceptional tale. Mention should also be made to Fred Van Lente's dialogue which is both funny and in character. Pick up this book just to hear the Future Foundation referred to as Invisible Girl, Mr. Elongated Man, the Human Torch (Spidey), and the Incredible Hulk. And yes, this reads like an FF issue but that's not a complaint, it's nice to see Spider-Man hang with a team; the dynamics are wonderful. Plus it's a zombie pirate adventure. Yes : Zombie. Pirate. Adventure. Ala 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. And here's the brilliant twist, for those readers who are inclined to criticize this as too cheezy or corny, Dan Slott has the book criticize itself. This is brilliant, faultless plotting and Caselli's art is gorgeous (kudos also to the rest of the art team). Check out the water right under the skull mountain. Yes, a skull mountain whoohee!. It is fun and you have to read it.

The backup tale, on the other hand, isn't very good, largely because Rob Williams tries his hand at the clever Spider-Man patter that our hero is known for while tackling the bad guys. The dialogue sounds strained and forced making me wince as I read it. It's enough to overwhelm the excellent Garbett art.

Posted by  Pete Albano - May 8, 2011

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