Amazing Spider-Man 589

Alright! The Spot Is Back!

There's a story that Al Milgrom got kicked out of Spectacular Spider-Man because of the Spot. Milgrom introduced the character in issues 99 and 100 of Spectacular, his editor thought that the tale was a tad too whimsical and Milgrom got the boot.

I read those issues and liked them a lot, so when Amazing Spider-Man 589 has 'Return of the Spot' in big, bold lettering on the cover, it's an immediate must read.

I flipped back the cover expecting an entertaining read and I wasn't disappointed. It is wonderful. First of all, its a done-in-one, and I'm a sucker for contained tales that start at an issues first page and doesn't leave us with any cliffhangers. I have this crazy belief that it actually helps to focus the writer - in this case, Fred Van Lente really nailed the writing chores, subplot sequencing and overall pace was just right to make this a page turner. Paulo Siqueira's art reminds me of Dale Eaglesham, and yes, that is a tremendous complement.

The Spot isn't a whimsical villain anymore. He's serious and capable and imbues this tale with a heartbreaking twist that goes down just right.

Posted by  Pete Albano - April 23, 2011

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