Amazing Spider-Man 559-561

Mary Jane Exchanges Peter For Leonardo di Caprio

Screwball makes her appearance early and she's a master of parkour. I didn't know what parkour was before this issue, but I had seen it before, in YouTube, some guys jumping walls and roofs - that was parkour. Screwball calls it 'urban acrobatics' and she's so good she manages to avoid the super-powered Spider-Man. A bit unbelievable. 

Another girl makes an appearance here, Spidey calls her Paper Doll since she can flatten herself thin as paper, just like the Thin Man, the Marvel hero from WWII. Amazingly, that's not the most interesting thing about her. It's her attitude. Her puppy love on steroids crush on actor Bobby Carr, who I swear is a stand-in for Leonardo di Caprio.

And that brings us to the main story of this arc : Peter Parker's new job as a papparazzi. This story really hates papparazzis, at times going a bit over the edge with it, but not enough to make it a bad arc. Oh yeah, MJ's back.

Posted by  Pete Albano - March 31, 2011

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