Uncanny X-Men 117

This Issue Answers The Question :
What Kind Of Fight Do You Get Into If You're A Telepath?

duel 1

In issue 117 of Uncanny X-Men we have this panel:

duel 2

And this panel:

duel 3

Yup. This issue is about two guys sitting around in a tavern.

Actually, it's pretty interesting. One of those guys is, of course, Xavier. The other is Amahl Farouk. They're both telepaths and they both go at it like a pair of mad dogs. This two just fight it out. Claremont and Byrne gives us a ringside seat on what's it like for these psionic types to square off against each other and it makes for a very entertaining issue.

Posted by  Pete Albano - November 28, 2011

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