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This issue is very enjoyable because it is a one-issue summary of X-Men history from the first issue done in 1963 to the Dark Phoenix Saga ending in issue 137. For long time readers, and those familiar with at least some of the past stories, it helps put things in perspective and is a very pleasurable read.

Surprisingly, from the vantage point of this summary, Professor X does not come across as the benevolent and perfect teacher that I always thought him to be.

John Byrne does a fine job of copying the art styles of Jack Kirby and Werner Roth in some of the panels. But there are panels that are signature Byrne; and its great to see his take on those old stories. Here's a fine example:


Here's his take on the new costumes of the original X-Men by Neal Adams.


Today X-Men history is spread over a number of books, and I would think thousands of issues. I don't' think they can do this one issue recap anymore.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 1, 2011

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If you're not familiar with Marvel Masterworks, this is what it's like :


108 : Shi'ar

111-113 : Magneto

114-116 : Savage Land

117 : Professor X Psi-War

118-119 : Japan Earthquake

109, 120-121, 139-140 : Alpha Flight

122-124 : Arcade

125-128 : Proteus

110, 129-134 : Hellfire Club

135-137 : The Dark Phoenix Saga

138 : Cyclops Leaves

141-142 : Days of Future Past

143 : Christmas with Kitty

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