Uncanny X-Men 118-119

You Know Why Japan Needs the X-Men?
Because Sunfire Is Freakin' Incompetent, That's Why.


After leaving the Savage Land the X-Men travel by sea right into the path of a powerful storm. In danger of being wrecked, the X-Men are rescued by the crew of the Japanese ship "Jinguchi Maru". Since the ship is on a delicate mission and must maintain radio silence at all times, the X-Men are forced to take the long way home with a stopover in Japan. Upon arrival, they see the port of Agarishima on fire!


The fire has been caused by a man-made earthquake, the work of wealthy industrialist Moses Magnum. The X-Men help out and proceed to infiltrate Magnum's island lair. I particularly love this shot of Nightcrawler, showing his ability to blend into the darkness.


Two things of particular note in this story arc is Logan finding his lady love Mariko - these two will be the subject of many X-Men stories to come. Also here, is Banshee's finest moment as an X-Man; a moment that comes with a very high price.

Posted by  Pete Albano - November 28, 2011

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118-119 : Japan Earthquake

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122-124 : Arcade

125-128 : Proteus

110, 129-134 : Hellfire Club

135-137 : The Dark Phoenix Saga

138 : Cyclops Leaves

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