Uncanny X-Men 122-124

Why The X-Men's Strongest Member is Also Their Weakest


Scroll down and take a look at the cover of issue 122. I have been waiting to read that issue for nearly thirty years. When I first saw that cover in the editorial page of a Marvel comic I wanted to get my hands on the issue. It's powerful rendition plus the words "The Trial of Colossus". Wow. Well not only did I get to read the issue, I got to read the whole story arc. I'm surprised that this three-issue arc reveals Colossus as the X-Men's weakest link; first in issue 122 then in issue 124. Read those issues closely and see if you agree.

There is also a panel from this story arc that jumps out at me with how wonderful it is. Cyclops has always been my second favorite X-Man after the Beast (Colossus comes in third, weaknesses and all). Check this out.

That's Cyclops saving Nightcrawler by taking out several deadly Murderworld cars with ONE optic blast. Good stuff.

In this story, Colossus and Storm make for an interesting dichotomy. Murderworld was designed to exploit weaknesses. In Colossus' case, he succumbs to the pressure. Ororo, on the other hand, shows how strong she really is. I remembered this story when, later on, Storm becomes the second leader of the X-Men.

Posted by  Pete Albano - November 30, 2011

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