Batman Hush : Batman 609

I've been pining for Huntress for a long time, and this is why

Batman Hush

This comic starts out with Batman entirely helpless and surrounded by street toughs who naturally want to see the man under the mask. It's both surprising and wonderful to see Batman's costume booby-trapped against such an eventuality.

Good start, but when Huntress finally appears the way she's drawn by Jim Lee simply takes my breath away. I keep looking between her and her incredible bike.

Also here, is the start of a trend that you'll be seeing throughout the whole Hush series : incredibly rendered Batmobiles. Yes, plural. Batman has the most incredible cars.

Also worth mentioning is Jim Lee's backgrounds. Pay attention to the panels showing the Gotham skyline. Lee's attention to detail has this series deserving of the title 'Lush' not 'Hush'.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 8, 2012

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