Batman Hush : Batman 617

All the Robins who ever were

Batman Hush

Tim is so young here I thought he was Damian.

Once again Jeph Loeb manages to hold my attention with the plot because of a very well-conceived explanation of the key differences of all three Robins : Dick, Jason and Tim. Observations coming from the Batman himself. Lots of delightful details on each Robin. Some tidbits: Dick is the most physically gifted, Jason the angriest, and Tim is the best detective. It's really not that simplistic; Bruce takes time to mull over the men who've served as Batman's partners over the years and its just a great read.

We find Selina in the Batcave here. She borrows one of Bruce's bikes - and what a bike! Just the latest of many gorgeous machines in Hush.

Catwoman/Huntress catfight in this issue - including another great double-page spread.

The story begins to move to a conclusion with this issue.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 8, 2012

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