Batman Hush : Batman 610

The Batman and Catwoman romance heats up

Batman Hush

The Batmobile driving out of Arkham Asylum during a stormy night - you can't beat that kind if imagery. Then, later on, we are given a close up of the car - exterior and interior. You're typical Ferrari simply looks pedestrian besides Batman's ride.

When the Batmobile blows a tire and goes for a somersault, Jim Lee doesn't just show the car crashing down on the pavement or flying through the air. He shows every stage of the cars descent in one panel. He is really pulling out all the stops on his art chores in Hush and I am loving it. You will too.

The issue ends with a kiss between Batman and Catwoman. It's a single page pinup shot, Gotham in the background. Flawless details. Perfect color balance. What a great way to end an issue.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 8, 2012

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