Batman Hush : Batman 613

After reading this issue I want to be the Joker so that Harley Quinn can obsess all over me

Batman Hush

At the start of the issue I couldn't stop staring at Selina who is shown out of her Catwoman costume and in a low cut dress. But then Harley Quinn appeared and from then on my attention was on her, she is drop-dead gorgeous here. There is a two-page spread when she half turns as the Batman arrives; that's borderline erotica right there.

Also, in another panel, Harley and Catwoman go at it while jumping around behind a stage with all the lighting and ropes and stuff. Once again, Jim Lee shows his commitment to giving jaw-dropping art by drawing multiple Catwoman and Harley Quinn figures in acrobatic splendor.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 8, 2012

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