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The cities of night and day

Batman Hush

Batman heads off to Metropolis which Jim Lee takes care to distinguish from Gotham visually. Jim Lee's Gotham is not exactly Gothic but its shadow-filled - it reminds me of the night. Metropolis by Jim Lee reminds me of the day. Lee uses fine lines and there is no darkness in Superman's town. The contrast drawn between the two cities is enthralling. And Batman's comments that he doesn't like Metropolis are amusing.

And yes, since we're in Metropolis, Superman is here, but Clark is eclipsed by the gorgeously drawn Lois Lane - I've never seen Lois this gorgeous. Also, surprise, surprise : Bruce Wayne owns the Daily Planet! Ha!

Don't' miss the flashback section when a young Bruce Wayne sees the golden age Green Lantern in battle with the Icicle. This is very nicely rendered, but then again, I have always been partial to Alan Scott and his magic ring.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 8, 2012

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