Avengers Forever 1

What will happen if you met a much younger version of yourself?

At the very start of this incredible twelve issue adventure we are shown a ruthless but very interesting army. It's an army modelled after members of the Avengers. Hammer Troopers wielding high-tech "Mjolnirs"; Repulser Troopers, each one an Iron Man; Sheildsmen patterned after Captain America but also carrying weapons together with their shields; and the Micro Swarm, whose members are copies of Ant-Man. Unfortunately, these guys are shown as a punitive force but the visuals as they go about their bloody business, is pretty striking. I repeat, Pacheco is a fantastic artist and I'll plunk down my hard-earned for him any day, no problem. But. But. He can't draw a woman's breast at all - the females are depressingly flat-chested. There goes the Power Girl stint, Carlos.

At the center of Avengers Forever is the war between Kang and Immortus. The thing is, Kang is Immortus and Immortus is Kang. It's wonderful to see the younger, hot-headed Kang scream at his older self, Immortus, Ruler of Limbo, and shout something to the effect that he'll never be like Immortus. You know, that's exactly what my younger self will say to me right now!

The end of issue one is the beginning for this story arc's Avengers, as Rick Jones uses that rare power of his, last seen in the Kree-Skrull War, to summon Avengers from different timelines. Including two versions of Hank Pym! It's gonna be crazy.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 13, 2012

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1 : Destiny Made Manifest

2 : Now Is The Time For All Good Men

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6 : In the Meantime the In-Between Times

7 : Into A Limbo Large and Broad

8 : The Secret History of the Avengers

9 : Break: Reflections of the Conqueror

10 : Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

11 : The Destiny War

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