Avengers Forever 6

This disparate team of Avengers are at last beginning to gel

I love seeing Giant Man use a Hulk classic : Clapping his hands together to generate enough force to create winds to repel nearby friend and foe alike.

More Marvel western goodness here as we meet the Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt and the Two-Gun Kid. In a previous issue they also featured Reno Jones, who is black. They presented him in such a way that he was on equal terms with the white heroes. One question: How racially integrated was the Old West? Because if blacks simply weren't on the same footing then they should not be presented as such. I'm Asian and I know that a lot of Chinese workers worked in the railways and the laundry and such and were treated definitely as second class citizens, if even that. If they had presented an Asian on equal footing with whites it would not go down well with me. You do something wrong it should stand as a wrong; no retconning history.

I notice that Busiek would build up to the critical point in a particular panel sequence, then right before the climax, he would switch scenes. This is not jarring at all, it gives the reading a roller coaster feel - adds dynamism.

A comment on a very small detail: The Black Panther's eyes are really panther eyes. I think this is a great idea - a visual cue that T'Challa has been imbued, supernaturally, with the favor of the Panther god.

Marvel historians are in for a treat. The Avengers are getting a sense that Immortus has been playing an invisible hand in Marvel history. As a direct consequence of that, we get lots of scenes plucked from here and there that should be familiar to long-time fans.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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