Avengers Forever 2

Avengers Assemble? These are the most dysfunctional Avengers ever (of course, Yellowjacket, had to be here)

Let's take closer look at this baffling set of Avenger's that Rick's power has summoned from different timelines. It's noteworthy that Rick doesn't have conscious control of the picks, his power does the selection, so he's as surprised by the rest of us.


First of all, that's the best Wasp costume I've seen. Janet Van Dyne is unique among super-heroes in that she typically changes outfit all the time. But you know, I've been thinking about it, she does prefer full body-glove type costumes - I'd love to see Janet in something like DC's Phantom Lady costume or Laura Kent's old costume from the Legion Academy.

Another Avenger pick that I consider ideal is Captain America. This iteration of Steve Rogers has super-strength! It seems that at one point, Marvel did give Captain America super-strength. I wonder why they backed out of that? That is a great idea.

The Captain Marvel here is Genis, whom Rick referred to as "the real Captain Marvel's no good son Genis" to his face! Whoa.

And of course, there is the extremely arrogant, slightly unhinged Henry Pym as Yellowjacket and the mature and grounded Henry Pym as Giant Man. These two are bound to knock heads at one point.

It's going to be a bumpy ride for this group - I can tell.

Oh yes, Songbird is here too. Apparently she becomes an Avenger in the future. In 1998 Marvel she's a villain, so the Wasp is very surprised. Up until lately, Songbird was a member of Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts, still not Avenger material (well maybe Dark Avengers).

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 13, 2012

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