Avengers Forever 4

Henry Pym, Giant Man vs. Henry Pym, Yellowjacket

Keep your eye out the for the time machine patterned after the Egyptian Sphynx.

I knew it would happen but I never thought it would be so well implemented. I'm talking about the inevitable confrontation between Henry Pym, Giant-Man and Henry Pym, Yellowjacket. A lazy and derivative writer would have probably given us a fight, but Kurt Busiek is not lazy or derivative and we are shown this anticipated confrontation as a battle of the brains of sorts where both Pyms try to outdo each other in working the Sphinx/time machine's controls. Note the harsh ego driven attitude of Yellowjacket beside the calm cool of Giant Man. I consider this exchange one of the highlights of the issue.

Another such highlight is a time visit to a an apocalyptic New York City. The future has mankind the victims of a Martian invasion. The last humans standing are composed of Killraven (absolutely unsurprising), the Red Dynamo, Thundra, a modified version of the Avenger Jocasta; all led by an aged Black Panther. Watch them fight the end battle against the Martians; together with our band of time-lost Avengers.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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