Avengers Forever 10

What is at the core of every Avenger?

In this issue the Time Keepers come out and explain themselves.

These Time Keepers are beings cut from Marvel's cosmic cloth - or at least, that's the way they present themselves - invincible, omnipotent and omniscient. But very quickly, Captain America and the others punch holes in the Time Keepers' arguments. Arguments that seek to justify the destruction of forty-two percent of the timelines involving humanity, causing the death of trillions.

It is in the end, a lesson in for all those who would seek to do wrong things under the guise of necessity. This issue is a lesson on the terrible wages of fear. For it is fear that drives the Time Keepers, fear that justifies terrible actions done by Immortus; and this issue explains that very clearly.

I mentioned before that Avengers Forever is more about Kang/Immortus than the Avengers. That is true for the series as a whole but this issue reveals the Avengers, the core of their philosophy, by placing them against the backdrop of the beliefs of Immortus and the Time Keepers. Even the darkest Avenger here, Yellowjacket shares the core qualities of all Avengers. And that quality is defined by the refusal to do things out of fear which the Avengers characterize as a devotion to justice, but which is something deeper - hope. Hope and trust in the future backed by compassion and faith. This truly is Avengers Forever.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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