Avengers Forever 7

Would you betray your friends to avoid being a loser?

This issue, the Avengers head to Limbo - Immortus' place.

It's a big move; not really a suicidal run but dangerous enough to fill both Rick Jones and Captain Marvel with foreboding. The former's recently awakened senses and the latter's cosmic awareness makes them the most sensitive of the group.

As the trip to Limbo comes underway I'm struck by just how good Pacheco's art is. Every panel is good. This is a definite labor of love on his part and I deeply appreciate it.

Before they actually get into Limbo, the Avengers experience cross-time anomalies that had them viewing different time events. One of those highlighted, centered on the original Human Torch's link to the Vision. This has been one of those long-running Marvel mysteries and I'm hoping that Busiek gets back to it later to clear up the question : Is the Vision the original Human Torch?

Once they're in Limbo the team gets separated and each one has a mini-adventure or encounter of sorts. My favorite is Hawkeye's tussle with Tempus, the legendary, immortal, and eternally regenerating guard of Limbo (who's sick of the job and secretly wants to die - this from Thor 181). It's a wonderful action sequence ending in Tempus being tackled by a Clint Barton reverted to his gigantic Goliath form.

We end this issue with a betrayal as Yellowjacket agrees to help Immortus in return for the Time King helping him not to end up as a grade 'A' loser. I began to laugh until it occurred to me I would do the same in Clint's place; a lot would depend on what exactly Immortus would want me to do but yeah, I'd do it.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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