Avengers Forever 11

There are more than 300 Avengers in this issue

This is the action issue! Just to show you that it is, it starts with Kang, Rick Jones and the Kree Supreme Intelligence in a giant armed-to-the-teeth june buggy. Yeah!

I have a soft spot for stories that show the good side of a bad guy and makes me root for him. The classic Fantastic Four 247 did it with Doctor Doom. Avengers Forever 11 does it with Kang. I'm with the Time Master all the way; even his alter ego Immortus shows a great nobility here - he actually dies trying to protect Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Ok, initially the fight scenes involve Kang, our dysfunctional group of Avengers, the Supreme Intelligence and Libra standing by the sidelines. The action quickly escalates as the Time Keepers bring in every single Avenger from a timeline that went bad. They're wonderfully rendered. This is Dark Avengers pre-Osborn. Now, as you can expect our good Avengers have no chance, so, right before the end, the battle is joined by every Avenger from a timeline that didn't go bad.

Action and fast pacing all the way.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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