Avengers Forever 3

When your so tough that the only one who can kick your ass is you

This is an issue of big battles - Kang and Immortus don't do things on a small-scale. Pacheco provides impressive panoramic "shots", which must have taken him weeks to draw. The Egypt panels are particularly impressive, then there are two two-page spread panels both centered on the Avengers going into battle with wide battlefields in the backgrounds this is pinup worthy stuff.

If only the Avengers were, you know, more Avengery. But, you know, the roster is a genius choice by Busiek, because with this group you have the battle and the internal dynamics. It all spells non-boring and that's good.

All this fighting is because Kang and Immortus is having at it. Here, Kang's base is under attack. Kang is in his place of power but he's having a very hard time against his future self. No surprise. With what I know now and how wise I've become, I can pretty much have the upper hand from myself, say, twenty years ago.

Anyway, Busiek handles it just right, there is a very strong feeling of Kang starting to be overwhlemed, even with the Avengers on his side. This is balanced by the braggadocio of Kang himself, whose fighting spirit is undiminished. This subtle balance provides the "spice" that makes this tale so enjoyable.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 13, 2012

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