Secret Wars 2

Enjoy The Zeck Art!

Before Coipel and Immonen, Hitch and Van Scriver there was Zeck. Mike Zeck. He did the art for all but one issue of Secret Wars (Bob Layton did an issue). I miss Mike Zeck but its nice that those of us who grew up during the Bronze Age of comics can go back to his works and new readers have a chance at seeing him at his best in Secret Wars. No, Mr. Zeck isn't dead, he just left the industry.

Behind the goings-on this issue is the sheer immensity of Battleworld - a patchwork world the Beyonder formed out of the pieces of hundreds of different worlds (including parts of Denver). We really get a feeling of immense size in the scenes inside the heroes' base. The domelike structure is immense and Zeck really brings this across.

The heroes are attacked here and they counter under the leadership of Captain America - chosen last issue. This prompted Wolverine to comment against being led by a non-powered hero. I know I'm in the minority but Cap needs some real superpowers; that super-soldier serum really stretches my ability to suspend my disbelief. Just imagine Cap as a class 70 powerhouse plus that shield! Wow.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 9, 2012

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