Secret Wars 6

The Return of Klaw

Why are villain covers so cool? I loved the villain cover in Crisis on Infinite Earths, now this issue's bad guy art is just amazing. Check out the cover below.

Two new villains were introduced a while back - Volcana and Titania. Titania, in particular looks great. Both these bad girls are very powerful and they're a welcome addition but nothing beats the creative return of Klaw in this issue. It seems that Klaw, who is pure sound, was converted to pure light energy by Dazzler and used against Galactus. Klaw's "essence" lingered in Galactus' ship - a ghostly, faint vibration, that was detected and recreated by ship invader Dr. Doom in this issue. Very nice subplot right there. Add that Klaw is a bit of a looney after being so disembodied for so long and its just perfect.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 10, 2012

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