Secret Wars 12

I feel the power rise hehehe

So what does having the power of the Beyonder feel like? Like having a dick. Every guy knows what this feels like. To the rest, I'll have to explain: We guys are not in total control of our dicks. It gets hard when it wants to, not when we want it to. The reverse is also the same. Sometimes you "need" it but its not there. It has a mind of its own that tends to override our brains, not all the time, but it happens.

This is exactly what Dr. Doom is with the power of the Beyonder. He keeps referring to the power inside him rising or ebbing. You just know he's barely in control. I think this is all very brilliant Mr. Shooter.

Don't miss the excellent panel sequence when the Enchantress goes into Volcana's bathroom and summons up a water elemental - a sexy water elemental - to do what amounted to a recap of the recent goings-on in Secret Wars.

As Secret Wars concludes, this one big story could lead to other very interesting stories. Let's check out some of what we are left with :

If you're missing the War, it doesn't have to be over. You can keep coming back to it in the pages of Secret Wars! Thank you Shooter and Zeck.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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