Secret Wars 10

To Doctor Doom : Thanks for kicking the Beyonder's ass

If there's anything I'm going to miss from this issue it's Galactus' Ship/Homeworld. I love that ship. It's the size of a solar sytem. It's got a fantastic zoo (from the pages of the FF). Yes it does.

It just announces how awesome Galactus is. It is the rich man's equivalent of riding around in a Rolls-Royce.  I see Galactus these days travelling around the universe in that giant metal ball and I really miss the Homeworld ship. One thing though, it is presented, and goes out in style, in the pages of Secret Wars.

I think it is absolutely fitting that the biggest, most powerful, being in the pages of Secret Wars is not that trendy, villain-of-the-decade, Sentry-like sap, the Beyonder, but the classic, timeless Kirby-Lee creation - Dr. Doom. Oh yeah. Doom weilds the ultimate power and the whole thing is done by Jim Shooter combining suspense, angst, dread and all those other delightful emotions in such a way that made Secret Wars a much-loved classic.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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