Secret Wars 5

Galactus Makes His Move

Galactus' solar-system sized ship from the pages of Marv Wolfman's FF is now here. It's even bigger than the Beyonder's Battleworld. Hehe. The Big G was the odd man out from the start but now I'm beginning to appreciate, and understand, why Shooter included him here - when the big guy moves, it's a major plot element in itself.

Speaking of plot elements, perhaps the most absurd construct in all of Secret Wars is the love triangle between the Torch, the alien healer Esaji and Colossus - that mucky business begins this issue.

Also, dont' miss the Thing and the Torch taking out one of Galactus' robots. It's not as big as the mountain moving and smashing feats of Thor and the Hulk from the past issues but it shows that the Fantastic Four can hold its own.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 9, 2012

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