Secret Wars 8

Who's the Man? Johnny Storm That's Who!

My vote for the sexiest hero in all of Secret Wars is Captain Marvel - now known as Photon. Don't believe me? Pay attention to her panels throughout the series.

Issue 8 sees the introduction of the black Spider-Man costume, and, unknown to all of us at the time, the introduction of Venom.

The absolute best scene in this issue involves the Human Torch. It's the scene where the Human Torch beats Ultron. Let me make that clear : Human Torch vs. Ultron. Result : Human Torch takes out the an adamantium robot who's so powerful it takes the Avengers to handle him. Yup, it's jaw dropping; don't miss it.

Unlike, the villains, the heroes are too well-behaved to have leadership issues (well, except he X-Men). But I'm still wondering about Iron Man. I know from Civil War that Stark is the leader type so I was baffled by his follower attitude in these pages. Question answered. It's not Tony Stark; it's James Rhodes inside the armor. Ha! Stark missed Secret Wars. When the other heroes hang around to talk about it, Iron Man will be like: "What are you talking about?". And they'll be like "You were right there man!" . Hehehe.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 10, 2012

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