Secret Wars 9

Why is Klaw the same as a salami?

This is a Reed Richards issue. First of all Richards informally takes over as field leader from Cap in the assault against Galactus, and he does a brilliant job! Better than Xavier leading the X-Men/Magneto faction, and, heck, better than Captain America leading everybody else. Next, I'm struck by the special relationship between Richards and Galactus. Reed really is the only human that Galactus will ever really talk to - that gives Mr. Fantastic tremendous prestige, in my opinion. I remember Doom getting snubbed way back in issue 2.

Two panels jump out at me here :

Fist panel occurs after an agreement between Caps team and the X-Men. Cap and company will go to Doombase to avenge the Wasp, in the meantime, the X-Men will guard Galactus' movements up on the mountain. At some point the Galactus situation goes ballistic and the X-Men are forced to take action. We have a panel showing Cap's team seeing a mushroom cloud over the mountain were Galactus is. It is an epic apocalyptic shot that sends shivers.

Next panel also sends shivers, but of a different kind. Doom dissects Klaw for reasons of his own. Klaw is shown on the table cut up like a salami and still talking. That is the creepiest panel in all of Secret Wars.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 10, 2012

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