Secret Wars 11

Maybe the Dr. in Dr. Doom should have meant he took up plastic surgery

After all this time is it still about the face? That's such, you know, teen-agery (kudos to Shooter for focusing on the demographic). By the time you get out of the raging hormones phase you start blaming external factors such as looks and your parents for what happens to you less and less.

Now back to the face - Dr. Doom's terribly scarred face. How is it that he's mastered time travel, created Doombots, created robotic dooms so lifelike his foes can't tell they're fake, he's lifted the Baxter Building into space, he's captured the Silver Surfer. He's done all these things but he can't repair his face? It has taken this event in issue 11 of Secret Wars:  Doom gaining the power of the Beyonder - for him to be able to repair his face. Before that, Time travel : Yes. Repair face : No. It's a bit funny.

The only way I can explain it is by looking at Doom's face metaphorically. His face is his soul. His shattered visage mirrors the emptiness he feels that drives him to be Doom - to conquer, to want to rule all else. His shattered face is the seemingly unhealable wound in his soul; only the power of God (or the Marvel godlike being , the Beyonder - 80s sap hehehe) can heal him. That makes more sense to me.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 14, 2012

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