Secret Wars 7

Of Severed Arms and Cosmic Beatdowns

I was about to complain about how Piotr Rasputin could be pining for Kitty Pryde during the early issues and then suddenly forget Kitty to fall in a swoon for Esaji when I realized that guys do behave badly. Put it another way, long distance relationships are doomed (but it usually takes more time than your cheating heart took, Mr. Rasputin, hehe).

Excellent battles all over the place but here are some special things to look out for:

First, in a battle with the X-Men, Crusher Creel (love that name), the Absorbing Man, changes into living rock. Unfortunately, he's up against Wolverine's speed and adamantium claws. Logan promptly slices Creel's rock arm clear off! We're shown The Absorbing Man, still in rock form, running away from battle in the background Looney Tunes style, holding his severed arm. Back at Doombase, Creel is understandably worried as he changes into human form, holding his severed arm in place. Will it attach or will he be a one armed human? Thankfully, the arm reattaches, albeit painfully. The whole sequence very nicely handled -you can actually feel how relieved the Absorbing Man is.

Next is an even rarer sight. Doc Doom's invasion of Galactus ship gets discovered by Galactus. The invader is promptly and violently ejected. Next scene is back at Doombase, where a stunned Enchantress gets to see the powerful Doom limp in looking like he's wearing a beaten up tin can instead of his armor. Victor von Doom collapses into a couch.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 10, 2012

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