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My Comic Is More Expensive Than Yours!

Ok, this is one of those pricey comics from the Silver Age. It' fun just to know how much a copy of the original issue is worth these days. Here goes : In 2009, a near mint condition of this comic was sold for $28,680.00. Whew!

Equally interesting, is that if we went back to 1970, this comic would be practically worthless. At the time, X-Men was regarded as one of Marvel's Silver Age flops - the series being cancelled in 1970. Fast forward to 1975, the publication of Giant-Size X-Men No. 1 introduces a new team and a new era for the X-Men that will, in time, place them as Marvels best selling comic. Now we have several movies, animation franchises, merchandising and a very highly prized, and highly priced, X-Men No. 1.

Lee and Kirby waste no time in putting together X-Men tropes that would be foundational to these day: The concept of mutants and a mutant school; the Danger Room and Danger Room exercises; and of course, Magneto!.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 4, 2011

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