X-Men 20-21

Friends and Family

Poor Blob, back in issue 3 he got into a 'misunderstanding' with Cyclops and wound up in a tussle with the X-Men. Worst of all, in issue 7, he got used and abused by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

But lo and behold! The Blob has found a friend.

Here he is with Unus the Untouchable from issue 8, enjoying a favorite, and classic, villain pastime - robbing a bank.

They met each other inside a wrestling ring. Of course, neither of them was able to hurt the other. Pretty soon they were having coffee over a bitter topic - the X-Men.

This is not just in issue 20. This is a friendship that will last; this comic was published in 1966, years later in 1984, in an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man Unus would perish and the Blob would fly into a rage in his grief. This is were all that began : in X-Men no. 20.

Moving on to issue 21, the part that strikes me is at the beginning when the X-Men make their way to the lair of Lucifer. They start off from a place that looks like the Grand Canyon and have a run-in with a bunch of ranchers. Here they are getting on Iceman's ice raft.

I love the level of interaction with the X-Men here, the original X-Men were becoming more like family and less like schoolmates. The dialogue and teamwork is wonderful to see here.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I'm featuring these two issues together because they're about Lucifer - an alien mastermind/robot-master who was the cause of the Professor's losing his ability to walk. Stan Lee gives this guy a pretty big platform, obviously hoping he would become a heavy hitter like what Magneto or Doc Doom would become. But that didn't pan out; Lucifer would disappear into obscurity.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 9, 2011

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