X-Men 25-26

Nothing Like Travel!

We start with the X-Men taking a peaceful drive as they bring Jean Grey to her college. On the way, they stop to rescue some kids from a burning orphanange. Here's a scene in the car right before the rescue:

I appreciate how Thomas and Roth manage to take us into what it feels like to be in  that Rolls-Royce; I actually feel the excitement of these young X-Men as they get into their uniforms ready to spring into action for that orphanage - the excitement of being able to introduces something amazing to the ordinary day.

Going forward, and into the next issue, the story is about El Tigre - an ancient Aztec god come to life.

He's very powerful. The X-Men pretty much spend the tale barely holding their own against him.

This story feels like a travelogue. I really enjoyed the dichotomy between urban New York and the jungle areas of South America - the story makes the sequence shift between the two places several times.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 10, 2011

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