X-Men 29

If You Can Combine The Power Of Any Four Avengers
Who Would They Be?

In Issue 29 of the X-Men the Super-Adaptoid attacks the X-Men. The Adaptoid possesses the powers of four Avengers : Captain America, Hawkeye, Giant-Man and the Wasp. He struts around thinking very highly of himself it's a bit funny. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If I was the Adaptoid this would be the four Avengers from this era whose powers I would copy:


I'll start with Thor. The most powerful Avenger in any era, in any team. You can't go wrong by adapting the powers of the most powerful Avenger ever. Pity you won't get Mjolnir but you'll have class 100 strength, incredible toughness, you'll be electricity proof.


After Thor I'll add a little more strength, okay, a LOT more strength by adapting the power of the Hulk another class 100 strength Avenger. Although the Hulk did not stay too long on the team he is officially a founding member of the Avengers. I'll also get stringer the angrier I get he he he.

Giant Man

The Super-Adaptoid got this one right. But I trump him because he can only grow big with the combined strength of Captain America and Hawkeye. I'm going to turn into a giant with the combined strength of Thor and the Hulk! Where's Galactus? I need a sparring session.

Scarlet Witch

What's missing? What's missing is some long-range attack capability. I actually considered Quicksilver's super speed - imagine that a super-fast, super-strong, giant! But I need to be able to do something from a distance and hex power is it!

Captain America and Hawkeye (and Iron Man) don't make good candidates for adapting, because at core, they are non-powered humans. Flying ability of the Wasp would be neat though, but at this strength level I can just leap long distances Hulk-style.

What would you choose?

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 11, 2011

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